Spy on Text Messages with SpyBubble

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Spy on Text MessagesText messaging is more than likely the most frequently used way to communicate with smartphones today and the makers of the SpyBubble cell phone spy software understand this. They respond to this by providing sms spy software that sends the full text of SMS, email, WhatsApp, iMessage, and BlackBerry BBM messages to the subscriber’s control panel for monitoring.

Parents Need to Track Text Messages

Parents need a cell phone spy such as SpyBubble to track text messages to identify situations their kids are involved in such as:

  • Coordinating to pick up or sell drugs
  • Making plans to attend wild parties with alcohol
  • Responding to the contact attempts of a stranger
  • Getting bullied via text messages
  • Generally wasting time texting excessively

All of the text messages captured with the SpyBubble cell phone tracking system can be searched on. Thus, if you want to find messages related to buying or selling drugs then all you as the parent and subscriber need to do is think of some of the vocabulary associated with this activity. You would probably come up with words such as “smoke”, “weed”, “bowl”, “ice”, and many others.

Employers Need to Track Them as Well

Just as parents, employers need to track the incoming text messages on employee-issued company smartphones using the SpyBubble cell phone spy system. They need this monitoring capability for business situations such as:

  • Employees spending the day sending and receiving personal text messages instead of focusing on their job
  • Using text messaging to leak company ideas and secrets
  • Spreading malicious gossip about the company and management through text messaging
  • Having a company smartphone lost or stolen that contained valid business negotiations via text messaging

Time wasting is probably the greatest threat when it comes to a company-issued smartphone and the employee using it. Without the SpyBubble cell phone spy app running on that smartphone, employees can exchange messages that are nonsense throughout the day as a way to pass the time.

How SpyBubble Answers the Need

sms spySpyBubble provides the answers to all of the situations listed above through its ability to capture text messages from SMS, email, WhatsApp, iMessage, and BlackBerry BBM.

This sms spy software sends the full text of these messages along with tagging information such as receiver, sender, date, and time. The information is captured in your secure subscriber control panel area and can be viewed at any time by you the administrator.

Even if the user deletes a message, you still have a copy of it in your subscriber data area. Thus, if a smartphone with the SpyBubble app gets lost or stolen, you still have any important business text communications captured.

Another consideration to make is that SMS messages can be quite expensive and whether you are a parent or employer, you wouldn’t want them overused.

With SpyBubble, you can download all text messages into .CSV format where it can be loaded into your favorite reporting software like Microsoft Excel to generate usage reports and help keep your costs under control.

When communications are in writing it tells more about the truth that you need to know as a parent or employer. The SpyBubble cell phone tracking system is the right tool for getting to the truth in situations that you find those you care about or are responsible for involved in.