Setting Expectations for Your Child’s Smartphone Use and Using SpyBubble to Help

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iphone spyI am a single mother with a teenage son and I purchased an iPhone and gave it to him for his birthday. At first, I was a little too trusting that he would not use his iPhone inappropriately but kids are curious and unless you have SpyBubble on your teenager’s smartphone there are all sorts of troublesome situations he can get into. Continue reading and see how SpyBubble saved me and my son.

SpyBubble Helps in Setting Limits

Without SpyBubble app running on my teenager’s smartphone, problems began to surface that are the result of no limits. Some of these problems include:

  • Cost overruns on the cell phone bill. My son was exceeding the number of free monthly calls and SMS messages under the calling plan I purchased for his phone.
  • Not getting homework finished. This was because he would never put his iPhone down. He even tried to mix chatting with getting his homework finished and that didn’t work at all.
  • My son wasn’t getting any sleep. He would go to bed with his iPhone and chat with friends throughout the night.
  • All personal interaction was bumped because of the smartphone. It annoyed me that he would bring his iPhone to the dinner table and we never had much conversation anymore.

First of all, I will not purchase an unlimited plan for my son. That would just be an open invitation for overuse. Thus, I needed a way to monitor use and SpyBubble monitoring software provided it to me.

I can see to what extent calls are made and SMS messages are exchanged through my SpyBubble control panel. This way, I can put the brakes on when I see the limits are approaching.

It Helps Me Enforce Acceptable Use

SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software lets me enforce the rules of smartphone use that I set for my son. Because I can see the full text of all SMS, email, WhatsApp, and iMessage chats plus the websites he visits, I can avoid these problems:

  • Teachers calling me to tell me that he shouldn’t be using it at school.
  • Talking to strangers.
  • Cyber bullying incidents.
  • Visiting inappropriate websites

Everything he does on his iPhone is logged and sent to my subscriber control panel. Plus, when viewing the text messages exchanged, I can see the time, date, and with whom.

SpyBubble Alerts Me to Safety Issues

I don’t know if my son ever did this but I had read about many fatal auto accidents where the driver was texting while operating their vehicle. My son drives a car and I would be able to spot if he was texting while driving with SpyBubble iphone spy software.

Of course, I don’t want this to happen in the first place so I am prudent to educate my son on the hazards of texting while driving.

Monitoring with SpyBubble Is a Must

Don’t make the mistake of giving your son or daughter a smartphone without having the SpyBubble cell phone monitoring system installed on it. It is also important to educate your children as to what you expect of them with regard to their cell phone use. And SpyBubble allows me to follow up and make sure my expectations are adhered to.