Avoiding Problems in the Workplace with SpyBubble

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When you as an employer issue smartphones to your employees, the playing field becomes ripe for new types of problems in the workplace related to their use. Some of the major problems are discussed below and it is SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software that will help you as an employer avoid them or catch them before significant damage is done.

Also, it isn’t only the company-issued smartphones that can create problems in the workplace. The personal devices that employees bring in can do the same. SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software can help you in this situation as well.

Resolving workplace issues

Resolving workplace issues

Protection from Liability

No employer wants to be hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit or legal action for creating a hostile work environment. This is why it is imperative to have the SpyBubble monitoring app running on company smartphones. Running this software helps you as an employer see that employee smartphones are not used for purposes that would bring these types of lawsuits on a business.

For example, if a male employee takes a photo of the attractive female sales rep bending over to pick something up and then shares the photo with buddies through the email then this constitutes sexual harassment and opens your company up to a lawsuit should the female employee find out and file a complaint.

However, with SpyBubble, you get a copy of the photo he took sent to your control panel which alerts you to take the appropriate action necessary. Even if your employee tries to cover his tracks deleting the photo, you already have it captured with SpyBubble.

Personal Smartphone Use

Of course there are employees who bring in their own smartphones to work and assume they can do anything they want with them because, well, it’s theirs.

Some businesses actually prohibit employees from turning on personal smartphones at work. This is mainly because they cannot put company-purchased SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software on these devices. The only exception would be if an employee gave express permission to the employer to do so and in this case SpyBubble could help. You can also visit www.smstrackerreviews.com to discover the best spy software!

Agreement to Monitoring

An employer can be proactive in preventing these problems from happening in the first place by having employees sign an agreement to have SpyBubble cell phone spy app installed on the devices they are issued.

The agreement tells them up front that their company-owned smartphones are being watched by SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software and in most cases this acts as a deterrent to any misdeeds or mischief in the workplace.

Minimizing Files Stored on the Smartphone

Just because it is a company-issued smartphone doesn’t mean that your employees should be storing all of the sensitive documents they can on it. There should be a policy in place to minimize storage to only documents needed for a particular task at hand.

The reason is obvious. If a smartphone gets lost or stolen then this information could possibly be compromised.

Clear Procedures in Place for Loss or Theft

spybubble softwareIf a company-issued smartphone does get lost or stolen, you should have a clear plan of action for trying to recover it and the SpyBubble cell phone tracker can help you here as well. The software records all GPS locations that the device has travelled to thus if the holder of the device does not pick up when you call you can at least get an idea where he is at.

Remember that the SpyBubble keeps running in spite of being lost or stolen. You can even activate the recording of surrounding sounds with regard to the device to further try to determine where it went missing.

As an employer, it is imperative that you let SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software help you enforce the rules when it comes the use of company-issued smartphones.