Avoiding Problems in the Workplace with SpyBubble

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When you as an employer issue smartphones to your employees, the playing field becomes ripe for new types of problems in the workplace related to their use. Some of the major problems are discussed below and it is SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software that will help you as an

Setting Expectations for Your Child’s Smartphone Use and Using SpyBubble to Help

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I am a single mother with a teenage son and I purchased an iPhone and gave it to him for his birthday. At first, I was a little too trusting that he would not use his iPhone inappropriately but kids are curious and unless you have SpyBubble on your

Spy on Text Messages with SpyBubble

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Text messaging is more than likely the most frequently used way to communicate with smartphones today and the makers of the SpyBubble cell phone spy software understand this. They respond to this by providing sms spy software that sends the full text of SMS, email, WhatsApp, iMessage, and BlackBerry